Events – tags and series

In a recent update the event list from ZwiftHacks introduces additional support for event series and for tags in event descriptions.


If events have a #tag in their description, you can now easily load a page with just those events:<tag>.

The benefit is that it is fast – much, much fasterthan loading a full event list with perhaps up to 4.000 events in the browser.

As an example, here is a direct link to events tagged with #wsr.

The ‘#Tags’ tab has also been improved. You can now sort the list of tags, both alphabetically and by number of occurrences.

Event series

As an event owner you can make your event part of a series with a tag like this:


where <seriesname> may contain letters, digits, underscore (“_”), spaces, and period (“.”)

The tag must be added to the description of the event.

An series shortname will be generated automatically from seriesname by removing all underscores, spaces, and periods, leaving just letters and digits.


‘ZwiftHacks Demo Events #1’ will have the shortname ‘ZwiftDemoEvents1’.

The shortname can be used to see a series specific page at<shortname>


A direct link to the ‘ZwiftHacks Demo Events #1’ series page

All the series defined like this also appear in the ‘Series’ tab.

If you find any problems with the event page you can use the comment section below to report them.


  1. Checking the series tab I see lots of events but none of them are series as you describe above with the series tag.

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