Move and resize the ZwiftMap — new in version 4

ZwiftMap was just updated to version 4. It contains some requested features and a lot of invisible stuff…

  • Improved how the map is drawn to make it prettier.
  • To give you full flexibility over where the map is shown ZwiftMap now lets you move and resize the map. The position and size can be saved for next time ZwiftMap is run.
  • The other settings (check boxes) can be saved between program runs, too.
  • All the settings are saved to and read from a .ini file in folder where ZwiftMap is installed (filename ZwiftMap_<computername>_<username>.ini).
  • There is a new option to automatically minimise the ZwiftMap window when program starts.

On the inside the groundwork has been laid for exchanging your position with others AND tracking where others are in real-time. It it just not fully ready, yet. It will be completely optional to submit tracking information.

Download the new version from the ZwiftMap page.

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