MAP and FTP Calculator

The MAP and FTP calculator is a new tool to help you in MAP testing. The calculator will help you create a workout file to use in Zwift and help you calculate the test result.

How to use the MAP and FTP Calculator

Setup and download a custom workout file to use for the test in Zwift.

Record the results of your test (using a ramp test to exhaustion), specifically the watt level of the final completed stage and the duration ridden of the last, uncompleted stage.

When you press ‘Calculate’ the following will be returned:

  • MAP (final completed stage + percentage of uncompleted stage)
  • Estimated FTP
  • 20 minute target value for a 20 minute FTP test

But there is more.

Input your weight, and you will also get the FTP in w/kg as result of the calculation.

Finally, the calculator returns estimates for VO2 max in l/min as well as VO2 max in ml/kg/min.

Find the calculator and


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