Making the event list easier to navigate

The event list has been updated. The purpose is to make it easier to navigate, but also to make the desktop and mobile versions more similar in their layout. It’s also an advantage that it should be a bit easier to maintain the page now.

At the top of the page you find three collapsible sections:

Menus and filters

  • Menu – here you can trigger a reload, select your display preferences, and toggle the display of already started events
  • Legend – here you find an explanation of the codes used in the Type column
  • Filters – here you filter and search for events

At the bottom of the page you can

  • see the number of events currently found
  • see which filter is applied
  • create a shareable link to your filter
  • clear all filters

The slideshow explains the different features in more detail:


The mobile layout is practically the same as before but now with the same menus/sections at the top of the page as you have just seen.

In the filter section the new icons hopefully makes it easier to distinguish between the many different filters.

Try the new features

You find the event list at


  1. I kind of liked the older interface where the filters were expanded by default on non-mobile devices. It would be great if you can add saving the filter state, or maybe whatever filters were expanded in the UI, in localStorage/etc so they don’t get lost when I do a refresh.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions. You may want to check the Menu to see if there is something new and shiny there 😉

  2. Would it be possible to add a filter for events only on routes that have a route badge associated with it? I’d like to have a way to find events that are being held on routes that I need to get the badge for.


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