1. Thnx for the update. I noticed something. As I rode most of the route on zwift I have the zwift-preference on Follow-Riders-Around-Me (not sure about the correct name).

    When I start with Zwift-login and I am at the route selection. The follow-riders-around-me is not selected.

    on a side note…I dont think the follow-riders-around-me is working

    1. I’ve justed tested this. It’s a change in Zwift itself, it seems – it never remembers your route choice if you chose ‘Group Riders Nearby’ or ‘Surprise Me’ (actually, the choice is written to prefs.xml by the game but ignored when it launches the next time).
      It’s not something I can fix, unfortunately.

      1. I’ve removed Group Riders Nearby and Surprise Me from the route list for now to mimic how Zwift works. You can still choose them in-game, of course.

        1. Ok i understand. Thanx for testing.

          It seems it doesnt work in Zwift as expected because at every fork in the route it just chooses the same option. I would expect to ride a different route/ or random to go left or right. I rode 6 laps, every time the same lap.

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