Remember or forget the controllable trainer with v18 of zwift-preferences – the choice is yours

zwift-preferences introduces a new ‘Devices’ tab where you can see which devices are stored in prefs.xml. You can also remove the controllable trainer from the list and later add it back to it. The Trainer Effect slider has been tweaked a bit, too.

Remember/Recall the controllable trainer

The Remember/Unpair/Recall buttons are useful because you won’t have to interrupt the otherwise automatic pairing process in Zwift to pair or unpair the controllable trainer, when it changes from time to time whether you want it paired or not (e.g. because you sometimes run another training app besides Zwift). On the Devices tab you can make the change before Zwift is launched instead.

Trainer Effect

The trainer effect slider has been tweaked with a tooltip and changes in steps of 10 with Page Up/Down. The current value is also shown just below the slider.

Download the update

Get the new version 18 over at the zwift-preferences page.


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