1. When I launched the new v 36, the “window” for the script is now very very small, so I can’t see any of the normal dialog box. Tried to uninstall/reinstall, and I get the same result. Thoughts/Suggestions?

  2. Launcher 1.11 app 1.21 windows 10 up to date
    I’m regularly having that all the script manages is to open zwift launcher. If I’m logged out it will not fill in the email or password and if I’m logged in it will not press let’s go.
    Just before zwift forced the upgrade to 1.11 I upgraded in place from an older login script and it was working fine while logged in at least on the old launcher.

    I also have a feature request, press ok when the update requires message box appears so I just have to acknowledge the UAC prompt.

    1. Have you activated the ‘Wait longer’ option?
      How long time does it take before the launcher window is ready to accept input if you have quit it completely via the system tray icon and then launch Zwift?

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