1. Jesper, thank you so much for continuing to improve this project. I appreciate you making this multi-user login function – it will make it much easier for me and I’m sure many families with multiple zwift accounts

  2. Thanks a lot Jesper. That remember me was driving me crazy. We have multiple users and this make life a lot easier.

  3. Awesome Jesper,

    Thanks for adding the multi-user support.
    You made my wife very happy because she’s always moaning when I forgot to change the login account for her…

    Warm regards,


  4. Thanks, installed immediately and will test on next TDZ event. which is coming up now

    Just a thought when using the different users. Can they still use a different zwift-preferences file?

    1. The zwift-login users share the same prefs.xml when running under the same Windows account.
      In general I recommend setting up personal Windows accounts instead of sharing one.

  5. Thanks for this update and the whole project Jesper.
    I’m very grateful for multiuser /launch parameter.
    Now I can have only one installation folder for all users and still be able to launch each user with separate shortcut from my desktop (previously I had to keep separate installation folders for me and my wife).

    Great work!

  6. Great update, is there any way you can add in a name for each profile instead of just profile 1,2 in future releases.

  7. HI – Does this work on Apple TV? I cant find the menu to select additional users on the app.

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