While we wait… an update for zwift-preferences

While we wait for new routes in the next Zwift update and probably a new world later on, now is a good time to get the latest version of zwift-preferences.

  • You can now save/remember information about the preferred monitor and recall that information later on.
  • You can mute/unmute the startup music in Zwift
  • The Zwift status info is shown with link to the Zwift status page

Besides that this version is prepared for new worlds and new routes – when Zwift releases them, zwift-preferences will pull the information from the ZwiftHacks server and almost magically let you choose world and routes.


New layout for zwift-preferences
New functions: Mute/unmute startup music and remember/recall the preferred monitor


Download the update

Get the new version over at the zwift-preferences page.

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  1. This is fantastic! I’ve been working through a half a dozen different solutions to keep Zwift resident on the 2nd monitor as opposed to heading to the primary after any change in OS status. Testing now! Kudos, Jesper!

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