What to do if TR-Z-move won’t resize the Zwift window after an update…

Yes, It is related to the update but is very easy to fix.

Simply close the Zwift launcher (right click the icon in the notification area and choose exit), and everything works just fine when you start Zwift again.

The cause of the problem is that Zwift will be running elevated (as administrator) after the update, and then TR-Z-move doesn’t work properly.


  1. I really like TR-Z-move, but I have one small issue. I run TR and Zwift on the same screen. If I run Zwift in fullscreen mode, things look good up until I finish a TR interval. TR pops up this banner with interval results and this causes Zwift to minimize and stay minimized. If I run Zwift in windowed mode, all is good, but I often forget to do this. Any fix for this?

    1. My best advice would be to just always run Zwift in window mode and simply maximize the window when you want a fullscreen experience. This is what I do myself. In my opion the benefits are so many that I can easily live with the window border and title bar.

      Zwift simply is not very resilient to other windows taking focus. I may consider adding an ‘auto restore/un-minimize’ option to TR-Z-move but it would be running on a timer and not necessarily detect right away that Zwift is minimized, so running Zwift in window mode would still be the best solution I can come up with.

      1. Allright, I’ll stick with windowed mode then. Thanks for the quick reply.

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