Updates to TR-Z-move

Update 2020-11-15 15:57 CET: An updated version of the installer has just been uploaded.

TR-Z-move is updated to version 8 with a couple of new features:

  • Option to close with Zwift
  • Layout adjustment + read more link
  • New hotkey #t to activate TR
  • New hotkey ^tab to move
  • Auto close with TR

Important notice

Starting with this version of zwift-login the installation package has changed in a couple of important ways:

  1. The default install location is now the folder %AppData%\ZwiftHacks instead of Documents\Zwift\Scripts
  2. To reduce the risk of false anti-virus alerts, scripts will only be distributed in their original, un-compiled form. Instead, the installer will do the compilation locally at your PC during installation.

Read more about this in About the installer package.

Download the update

Get the new version 8 at the TR-Z-move page.


  1. This is such an useful tool for us TR+Zwift Users. I have a little feature request: Add an Option to Hide the Task Bar upon launch (and make it visible again after closing zwift)! That would be a few klicks less every time…. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    it seems one of the two latest updates to Zwift broke TR-Z-Move. Will it be fixed soon? If I can do anything to help or test I‘d be happy to! Thanks!

    1. My guess would be that Zwift itself is running elevated (with Administrator rights) after the update. Please let me know if the problem persists of you exit Zwift Launcher competent via its right click menu in the system tray or after a Windows restart.

      1. Argh, you are _exactly_ right. Starting Zwift anew without a prior update and it works again.
        (I used another computer for the past couple of weeks, so the last two starts on windows with TR-Z-Move coincided with Zwift Updates, thus my assumption the update could have broken something).

        Thanks for your quick support and all the best!

  3. Great utility – thanks.

    When I ‘position windows’ on my monitor the zwift window could be larger. It doesn’t quite reach the edge of the monitor. Is there a way to adjust that in the setup?

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