1. Hi Jesper,

    My wife and I both have a Zwift account but are using the same computer.
    Is it possible to have 2 Zwift-Login instances like 1 with my credentials and another with hers ?
    Interesting 🤔

    1. Yes, just set them up in separate folders. Run the installer twice with different installation targets, or copy your first installation in Explorer. You’ll have to manually create an extra shortcut to launch the instance which doesn’t have a shortcut in the start menu.

      1. Errr…the script error is still there…for me.
        I’ll try the multi folder option tomorrow.

          1. Hahaha… in that time I can type in my wife’s credentials no need for a second instance 😋

  2. The compile isn’t working for me. I let the install do the compile for me. I dont get an error but a example how to compile. For me this a sign there is something wrong with the commandline.

    in the end there is no zwift-login.exe to start.

    https://iili.io/FoOtql.png link to popup

      1. Its version v1.2.32.00

        After some more fiddling around (zwift is not installed in default folder) I could compile the .ahk by right-clicking and choosing compile. Then move the .exe to the right folder.

        1. I’m fixing the installer right now. It should have required at least AutoHotkey version but the version check was wrong.

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