Hey, did you see the new road?


Jesper lives in Vejle, Denmark and has been zwifting since 2015. He rides with World Social Riders whenever possible. Zwift name: Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]

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5 Responses

  1. Gerrie says:

    O yes I did, thanks. It is nice that It was there just as the new route got added. Now I will have to update my super nice background. 🙂

  2. Gerrie says:

    I would love to, I just don’t know how to send it to you. You are welcome to send me a email and I will send them to you.

  3. Peter Clary says:

    Is there a way to use ZwiftMap on the Apple TV 4K setup?

    • jesper says:

      You cannot run ZwiftMap as an overlay on Apple TV but you can run ZwiftMap on a macOS/Windows computer, activate the ‘Local network server’ feature, and use another device, e.g. a tablet to see the map (browse to the address which is shown in the configuration windows).

      You could also use zwiftgps.com from another device to see the map.

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