Zwift Versions

These are the current Zwift and Zwift Companion App versions:

Newest Zwift versions

WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft.:
macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple:
AndroidAndroid The Android operating system from Google is used on a number of mobile devices from various companies such as Samsung and Huawei.:
iOSiOS The operating system on the iPhone and iPad devices from Apple/tvOS/iPadOS:
Companion iOS:
Companion Android:
December 28, 2020

This page updates automatically when a new version is released by Zwift. The information is also always available at the front page of ZwiftHacks.

Google Play Store links

For the Android Companion App the latest release date and not the version is shown. If you do not see this version/release date when you visit the app page in Google Play Store it is most likely because the latest version is not supported for the version of Android on your device.


Companion App:

iTunes links


Companion App:

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