Tips & Tricks: Customise the chat log in ZwiftMap

A user said:

[..] it’d be good if you could change the type size in the chat window, it’s just too small to read from the bike on my screen.

Until this feature gets added you can customise this yourself!

Set the chat log font size for  ZwiftMap

It only takes a few steps to customise your ZwiftMap experience:

  1. First create a folder named zwiftmap in your Documents/Zwift folder.
  2. Download this file:

    Download “User customisation #2 for ZwiftMap” – Downloaded 482 times –
  3. Unzip/uncompress the contents to the new zwiftmap folder.

Now, the next time you start ZwiftMap it will use another font size for the chat messages.

Change the font size yourself

You can edit the file user.css with a text editor if you want a different font size. Change the number in the font-size line:

div.chatmessage div.message {
 font-size: 14pt;

Get back to the normal look

Simply rename or delete user.css to deactivate the customisation.

One comment

  1. Thanks for this, I used this to change the color of the chat text, It did not change the color of the time and chat ID but that is fine. I am mosty interested in the comments .

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