ZwiftMap Preview for Windows

This is a preview version which brings back ride data and makes the classic map work again.

In this preview version the dependency on npcap is gone, instead it reads power, speed, position etcetera from Zwift’s process memory.

The chat window will show chat data found in log.txt. That means that it (mostly) cannot show rider names.

This version should work with Zwift version 1.29.1 or later. It may or may not break the next time Zwift updates…

Download “ZwiftMap Preview”

setup-zwiftmap-2.4.0.exe – Downloaded 5506 times – 69.04 MB

Update 2022-12-16: Fix bug in finding the Zwift log.txt file (necessary so player ID can be determined).


    1. I’ve just uploaded a new installer with a version containing Scotland, a necessary fix after Zwift updated to 1.39.0, and code-signing of the installer package.

      1. Thanks for the update. I installed the new version over the old, and all is working great.

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