Fix TrainerRoad minimal mode and arrange the Zwift window above it

TR-Z-move solves two problems:

  1. There is a bug in the current version of TrainerRoad when running on a secondary screen in minimal mode. The workout instructions will still be displayed on your primary screen and not on the same screen as the workout window itself. TR-Z-move fixes this.
  2. I want to arrange the Zwift window to fill the rest of the screen above the TrainerRoad workout window. TR-Z-move resizes and moves Zwift to do so.

The tool can be useful even if you do not run Zwift – if there is no Zwift window to be found it simply fixes the first problem.

How to use

  1. Launch TrainerRoad, load your workout, and switch to minimal mode.
  2. Move the workout window to the screen where you want it (with standard Windows keyboard shortcuts Win+Shift+Right and Win+Shift+Left).
  3. Launch Zwift.
  4. Launch TR-Z-Move or (if it is already running) click the ‘Position windows’ button (you can also just press Enter if the TR-Z-move window is active).


  • Windows PC with

    Choose the compiled version below for the simplest installation. Then you do not have to have AutoHotkey installed on your PC.

Download – compiled version

Download “TR-Z-move compiled script” – Downloaded 1314 times – 535.40 KB

Version: 5

Download – script version

Download “TR-Z-move script”

TR-Z-move.ahk – Downloaded 845 times – 7.54 KB

Version: 5

More info

License: CC NY-NC


Moves the instructions and dialogue windows for the TrainerRoad minimal workout window to the same screen as the minimal workout window itself.
Moves and resizes Zwift to fit above the minimal workout window.



  1. I downloaded this last week and it worked perfectly, but after the Zwift update this week, nothing happens when I click Position Windows. Is something wrong on my end, or does the script need an update after the newest Zwift update?

    1. It works fine here and should not need an update. You have set the TR window as minimal before you click ‘Position Windows’? Then it should work just fine. Have you restarted your PC recently?

      1. Don’t know what happened yesterday, but it worked fine again today. Thanks

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