This is simply a small tool which may  be helpful if the buttons are invisible in the Zwift login screen (it says ‘Welcome back’ and your name – but that is it). This can occur after you have selected that Zwift should remember your username and password for you.

The tools interacts with the Zwift login window and may be able to click the buttons even if they are invisible.

Some more information:

The ‘Remember me’ setting is stored in a cookie on your PC. You can delete it with a tools such as IECookiesView from NirSoft. Delete the cookies from the web site ‘’. That should bring the login screen with fields for username and password back.

And by the way:

zwift-login-fix-for-missing-buttons is merely a dumbed down version of zwift-login which has other functionality as well.


Windows PC with


[su_box title=”Download standalone .exe file”][/su_box]
Place this .exe anywhere on your PC and run it to log in to Zwift. It launches Zwift and attempts to press the invisible buttons.

Download individual script files to manually install the script (get both .ahk and .ini files and place both in the same folder):

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zwift-login-fix-for-missing-buttons.ini; This script does not have an .ini file