ZwiftMap (Classic)

This page is about ZwiftMap Classic for Windows. It is no longer supported and hasn’t been updated in a long time. The new ZwiftMap supports both macOS and Windows.

2017-01-23: The new version 6 has the Volcano route. See additional changes in the change log further down on this page.

2016-12-26: Please read the linked post about false malware alerts

ZwiftMap (for Windows) attempts to detect which map (Watopia, Richmond, or London) to display by reading information from the Zwift log file.

It then monitors the Zwift log file for changes and updates the current rider position on the map (actually, it is the current position of the viewer, so the blue dot may leave the road if you are in the helicopter view).

If Zwift is running the map will show on the same monitor as Zwift, otherwise it shows on your primary monitor. Press the Reload button to force a complete redrawing of the map. Press the Draw Here button to just move the map to the same monitor as this ZwiftMap window.

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Windows PC with


The recommended download is the full installer package:

ZwiftMap Setup (5221 downloads)

md5 checksum: 73607c5b8cec98d4bdbd137c799424aa (see all checksums further down).

Read more about the installer package.

Download a portable version without an installer:

ZwiftMap Portable (818 downloads)

md5 checksum: 299ba5e5e3cf4ee533e67a8ddb4ace28 (see all checksums further down).


Version 7 (2017/03/03 13:09:14)
  • Volcano climb
  • Will automatically download map definitions from ZwiftMap in the future (removes the need for new program installation packages when there are new roads within the existing world boundaries)
Version 6 (2017/01/23 11:51:10)
  • Volcano routes
Version 5 (not released)
  • Some bug fixes.
  • A command line option which is usefull if you only want the chat log: /hidemap
  • Improved drawing of map (closed gap in looped segments)
  • Improved drawing of map (draw all segments orange first and white after that)
Version 4 (2016/12/11 11:34:01)
  • Improved how the map is drawn to make it prettier.
  • To give you full flexibility over where the map is shown ZwiftMap now lets you move and resize the map. The position and size can be saved for next time ZwiftMap is run.
  • The other settings (check boxes) can be saved between program runs, too.
  • All the settings are saved to and read from a .ini file in folder where ZwiftMap is installed (filename ZwiftMap_<computername>_<username>.ini).
  • There is a new option to automatically minimise the ZwiftMap window when program starts.

On the inside the groundwork has been laid for exchanging your position with others AND tracking where others are in real-time. It it just not fully ready, yet. It will be completely optional to submit tracking information.

Version 3 (2016/11/28 23:43:52)

There are many changes on the inside but the following you will notice:

  • The user interface has changed. The chat log is now in a separate which you can position like you want. By default it “glues” to the ZwiftMap window but can be moved away. If you minimise the ZwiftMap window the Chat Log will remain visible (you can close it, though).
  • An experimental feature has been added: Toggle pseudo fullscreen mode for Zwift. This means that you can make Zwift appear to run fullscreen but at the same time have the map visible (in your Zwift settings you must choose Windowed mode, not Fullscreen). When you click the button, the Zwift window is maximised, its border is removed, and the Windows taskbar is hidden (its Auto Hide setting is set). Click again (or exit ZwiftMap) to reverse this.
Version 2 (2016/11/20 10:39:56)
  • With the new ‘Draw Here’ button you can choose on which monitor to show the map. Just move the ZwiftMap window and click ‘Draw Here’.
  • The map now shows small coloured markers for special points such as Sprint and KOM gates.

Some bug fixes and other improvements:

  • All sizing and scaling of the map is now based on monitor size (size of Zwift is not taken into account because I assume it will be maximized)
  • Fix in XY calculation which caused an error in Richmond map drawing
  • Auto sizing of ZwiftMap window when chat log and log is shown/hidden.
  • Changed so the window and map stay in place when a log file is dropped on the ZwiftMap window (for a simulation run).
  • Fixed that the map could be layered on top of the blue dot if you clicked on it. The blue dot will always be drawn on top of the map.
Version 1 (2016-11-19)
  • First release

All checksums

Not updated for version 7

Not updated for version 7


        1. ZwiftMap is written in AutoHotkey (AHK) and relies on GDI+ for graphics/drawing. Porting it to support Mac would essentially require a rewrite.

          1. I may aso be interested in this. I’m on mac. Is there some way to get the source code? I tried to download the zips, but they just contained .exe files. Do you think it can be done using Python?

          2. I may aso be interested in this. I’m on mac. Is there some way to get the source code? I tried to download the zips, but they just contained .exe files. Do you think it will be possible to do the same using Python?

          3. Send me (use the contact form) a username or e-mail address of an account on and I will give you access to the source code.

  1. First time using the program tonight and figured out that Zwift needs to run in Windowed mode and not full screen. Not a major issue but just wanted to confirm that.

  2. really cool!

    I wonder if it’s possible le for you to have 2 dots on the map?

    one dot would be as it is now but the other dot reads a previous log file?

    I’ve seen and voted for in the Zwift suggestions for race my ghost and I’m kind of thinking along those lines.

    Might be a bit far fetched but if you had a log file for a hilly forward lap PB you want to race against, as you hit the start banner the red dot appears for you to race against?

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      What you suggest is definitely possible. I may take a closer look at it, but cannot promise anything about if and when I implement such a feature.

  3. For Watopia, an optional Island only map showing only Ocean Boulevard and the Hilly route.

  4. has this been suggested on the feature request forum? seems like an obvious addition that zwift should do.

    1. I think I have seen requested it a couple of times in feature requests and several times in the Facebook groups.

  5. This is pretty amazing! In my perfect world, I’d like control over the positioning and size of the map (as I usually don’t run Zwift fullscreen, windowed or not.
    Still, thanks for this great addition to our favorite addiction!

  6. Is the Mac Version in progress now? As I could read Emil was interested to merge it to Mac?

  7. Installed, but not seeing anything. Switched to windows mode per other comments above. Do I need to re-boot the PC?

    1. No, you should not have to reboot. When you have Zwift running in window mode try to resize the website just too sure that ZwiftMap is not hidden behind it. Close and restart ZwiftMap. You should definitely see the ZwiftMap window and be able to have the map drawn on the same screen by pressing the Draw Here button.
      If none of this works please write again.

      1. Sorry – Silly mistake. Didn’t really I had to explicitly run it :-p

    1. If you describe what you experience it will be possible to help you. It definitely works with Windows 10 Pro.
      Did you start ZwiftMap after you installed it? Do you run Zwift in window mode and not in fullscreen mode?

  8. Hello Jesper love the map and THANK YOU for creating this. It is so awesome! I have a question. I stream on and off. I would like to be able to stream the overlay onto Zwift as an overlay. Best way to achieve is to have the actual map as a window. Only way to stream it on zwift right now is by having to share my entire monitor to the streaming software. Right now the actual window is the settings. maybe have the MAP as the window? Is it possible to make any of these changes? You may need more info and if you do let me know.

  9. Updating my last Comment:
    Playing with my PCs found a Link Icon on Windows 10 Professional and Home edition as well “Zwift Map Executable” Clicking on it, and wala there it was. Try it and learned How to use it.
    Hope it works showing position during session. looks great will try next time. Looks like a great Job

  10. Cannot get the map to overlay Zwift, even if i am running Zwift windowed. Tried “daw here” and resize but nothing works. Running windows 10 pc

    1. Is it any different if you start ZwiftMap when Zwift is running?
      What happens if you press Reload?
      Are you using other software such as Borderless Gaming to manage the Zwift window and make it topmost?

  11. Thanks for this program, it is exactly what I’ve been wanting!

    The map doesn’t seem to show on top of Zwift, the blue dot showing my current location does show on top of Zwift though. The map paints on screen when Zwift is not on screen. I’m in windowed mode on Windows 8.1, Surface Pro 2. I tried launching ZwiftMap both before and after Zwift, and tried pressing reload. No luck.

    1. I don’t know exactly what is the reason for this. I have had the problem just once myself but it went away after a restart of my PC.

  12. The big set up window with the resize and Draw here button had disappear from my system, The Map Draw still work well and the chat log still on in my primary monitor. Moving Zwift window to my second monitor: the map re-position itself in the same spot was drawn on Zwift application screen, witch is nice no redraw necessary, But The chatlog does not do similar. I can moved freely using the mouse including the second monitor area, the Chat Log window, its follows, but as son i release the mouse button it disappears from the system. to recover the chat log window I must restart the Script. But the script main window has not been possible to recover even I uninstall and reinstall the map application. any idea what is wrong?

    1. It did not matter if the Chat Log and Main Set up Window have the possibility of resizing to a bigger window. and so the text in it. following lot of us are nearsighted viewers. If that was the case will have those text windows in one monitor and the Zwift application and the Map on either monitor It will be so cool. I guess that was the reason my Main Map Set Up window is gone. no i did not mess with any script files Thank you great job

    2. I would think that the application window is somehow placed outside the area of your screen(s). There is a couple of things you can try.

      1) Can you see the ZwiftMap window in the list of programs when you press Alt+Tab? Can you shift to the application with Alt+Tab?

      2) Start ZwiftMap after Zwift. This should automatically place ZwiftMap nicely on the same screen as Zwift (if you have not chosen to save a fixed position for the application).

      3) If none of the above helps then delete all saved settings and window positions for ZwiftMap. You do this by deleting a file called ZwiftMap__.ini in the folder Documents\Zwift\Scripts.

      Jesper from

    1. The ‘old’ ZwiftMap for Windows has just been updated. You can download the new version 6 from this page.

  13. Thanks for the Mac version. Installed it now and it looks great. Can’t wait to try it out tonight while riding. I was looking for a feature like this. I always look at my map when riding IRL using Strava, was a bit lost in Watopia and other courses. Kudos!

  14. Thank you for creating this, I often wonder where the heck I am, although I’m sure I’ll learn, it’s easier to see from a map.

    One improvement I could see, would be to color code the elevations, so that one could see where climbs are. Another possible improvement could be to display your current selected ‘route’.
    Thanks again

  15. Somehow, I only get the dots and not the lines on the maps..
    Any ideia what it might be?

  16. thanks for the volcano kom update Jesper. Might want to update the “changes” section also to reflect the 2017-03-03 update

  17. I only get the Blue dot. If I minimize the Zwift, I can see the map OK

    Should it matter what order I start the two programs in (Running Windows 10, latest Zwiftmap download), single monitor

    1. I don’t know exactly what is the reason for this. I have had the problem just once myself but it went away after a restart of my PC.

      You are running Zwift in window mode and not fullscreen mode?

      You may try to start Zwift first and then ZwiftMap but it really shouldn’t matter.

      Are you using other programs trying to be topmost at the same time? Are you using anything like Borderless Gaming?

      Jesper from

      1. Ok, so I am an idiot – I was running in Full Screen Mode, not Window mode

        All good now – thanks

  18. I run my Zwift program through my iPhone. Can I just download the map from my computer and will it transfer to my Zwift on my iPhone?

    1. ZwiftMap is a program which runs on a computer and is meant for those who run Zwift on a computer, too. It won’t transfer anything to your iPhone.

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