You want to make use the hidden setting with which YOU get to decide where you will be zwifting today?

You want easy access to set trainer effect (also called resistance level) before you launch Zwift?

You want to toggle fullscreen mode?

Then zwift-preferences for WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. can help you. If you use macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple take a look at ZwiftPref instead.

zwift-preferences is a script/an app which gives you access to safely modify the prefs.xml file from which Zwift reads your prefences when Zwift is launched. Notice that if you change prefs.xml while Zwift is running your changes will be overwritten by Zwift.

By the way, zwift-preferences can be used together with zwift-login.


Windows PC with


Download “zwift-preferences installer” setup-zwift-preferences.exe – Downloaded 44864 times – 1 MB

Read more about the installer package.

Using with non-standard Zwift setups

Even if you have the Zwift document\data files in a non-default location (which is Documents\Zwift) you can still use zwift-preferences.

If you have your Zwift documents (e.g. prefs.xml) in a location different from the default:

You can control where zwift-preferences look for data files (prefs.xml) with a ZWIFTDOC environment variable (this is also supported in zwift-login).

Add an environment variable called ZWIFTDOC to your Windows account to point to your Zwift data folder:

Example: ZWIFTDOC=C:\ParentFolder\Zwift

You may have to log out of Windows and log in again after defining it for the environment variable to be known.

After this zwift-preferences will always use the value of ZWIFTDOC as the location of the Zwift data files instead of the default location.

Google can tell you how to add/modify environment variables:


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Now with tabs and easier installation

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Bug fix for zwift-preferences from 2016/08/22

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Support for World 3 London in zwift-preferences

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Update – support for all routes

zwift-preferences has finally been updated to support the new way of storing route preferences in the prefs.xml file (was introduced by Zwift in April). Now you can select all the different pre-defined routes that Zwift ...
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Update, zwift-preferences

There is a new version of zwift-preferences which supports the new Mountain 8 and The Pretzel route preferences as well as the setting Language Filtering. I have also included support for the settings Flag and IgnoreGodMessages which ...
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Bug fix, zwift-preferences

A small bug fix to zwift-preferences: Did not initialise the ‘Follow calendar’ radio button correctly. Related posts zwift-preferences and the Jungle Expansion Mega Pretzel and Greatest London Flat zwift-preferences v22 What was new this week? ...
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New features in zwift-preferences

A new version of zwift-preferences is ready for download. New functionality: Toggle ERG mode Menu bar added Reload from prefs.xml Launch My Dashboard on from the menu or with Ctrl+D Related posts Update, zwift-preferences ...
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  1. Zwift may be rolling out the choose a course option in the future, but I think the ability to vary your resistance is very helpful for riders with injuries who just want to spin around their favourite course.
    Would you consider taking pity on Mac users and releasing this for the Mac too?

    1. Hi Philip, I’m not sure I will be able to find the time for it. However, you can change the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ in the settings of Zwift yourself.

    2. If you want to spin effortlessly just reduce your weight to a low number for that ride or segment?

      Yes, technically you will be cheating and ineligble for “prizes” but it will be the workout you want.

    1. It is a false positive from your anti virus software. I have just checked the downloads and they are virus free.

  2. Thanks Jesper, I love it. Am able to follow nice routes now w/out having to concentrate on what turns to take where. Is it possible to do reverse routes this way too somehow?

    1. You can only pick the same routes which you can pick in Zwift, too. To ride a reverse route pick the normal one and start with a u-turn. Unless there are bugs in the routing in Zwift this should take you through the reverse route in its entirety.

  3. On Zwift Preference.exe:
    what is intended for Trainer effects?
    Window: What’s the effect on Minimal UI ? and Minimal Leaderboards ?

    Miscellaneous Workouts 2 choices: Use ERG. What is ERG? Or Edit in watts
    Excuse my ignorance please

  4. Hey Jesper,
    1st of all thank you for making our zwift life easier with such a piece of software like zwift preferences so now my feedback, i noticed in the new versions that the given info not matched with the chosen ride in Watopia.
    The info for the “Big Loop” must switched with the “Jungle Circuit” info
    The Info for the “Jungle Circuit” must switched with the “Road to Ruins” info
    The info for the “Road to Ruins” must switched with the “Big Loop” info

  5. Where TRAINER_EFFECT number stored? its not in users docments folder file prefs.xml… i need to see what % of reality i have setted now, to be able revert to this setting, cos zwift not allow us to see it in numbers on scale (why?)…

    1. It is in prefs.xml in ZWIFT > CONFIG > TRAINER_EFFECT as a number e.g. 0.5

      The entry is first created when a smart trainer has been paired with Zwift (or added by ZwiftPref / zwift-preferences / manually).

      1. thanx, i cant find it cos on laptop i have no try with smart) – on big mashine i think it row must be now… thanx again

  6. Hi Jesper,

    I can’t get the new settings to save on the preferences page. I hit the save button and nothing happens. If I click the reload button then everything goes blank. This is for a Mac

    1. Hi Dewey, so we are talking about ZwiftPref here?

      First of all, what happens if you press the button ‘Open prefs.xml’ (top right)? Does it open prefs.xml in TextEdit? If it does, please copy the content and send it to me via the contact form at

      If it does not, can you locate the file prefs.xml using Finder in Documents > Zwift ?

      Finally, try to rename the prefs.xml file to something else and launch Zwift. This will create a new prefs.xml file. Does that load properly into ZwiftPref? Please send the content of that new file to me, too.

  7. Can I have a friend or friends join me on the ride if I choose a different route than what is on the calendar? If they do not have this hack, will they still see me and choose to join my ride?

    1. They will also have to use the world hack to be able to ride with you. Otherwise they will be in the world of the day, and you will be in the world you chose.

  8. FAN.. tastic piece of work! Very cool!

    A random thought that may not be possible… Zwift opens on 1st monitor. I drag to 2nd monitor, close, change to full screen with ZwiftPref and re-open. As best as I can tell, any WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. disturbance, (restart, Zwift update, etc.) sends Zwift back to home (1st) monitor. Explored a few apps but none seem to be able to tell this app (Zwift) to always open on this screen (2nd [bigger}).

    Since you’re already dictating full screen, any possibilities of dictating monitor choice?

    Again, great tool! Thanks Jesper!

    1. Take a look at the new versions of ZwiftPref and zwift-preferences. They both let you remember the preferred monitor (which Zwift stores in prefs.xml) and recall it. Set up Zwift like you prefer to have it, exit the game, and then use ZwiftPref/zwift-preferences to remember the preferred monitor (press the Remember button and do not forget to save/submit). Then you can always later press the Recall button in ZwiftPref/zwift-preferences to write that preference back to prefs.xml.

  9. Hi there,
    for some reason when I have installed the program (on windowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 10) I click the app in the start menu and then it says that the the program has been changed or moved and so the shortcut won’t work.

    1. It could be your antivirus program which has removed the program. You should check if the program file zwift-preferences.exe or zwift-preferences.ahk is in Documents\Zwift\Scripts or perhaps has been quarantined by your antivirus program.

    1. I guess you mean if world hacking affects whether you get credit in certain Strava challenges or not? It shouldn’t mean anything so please share if you experience anything else.

  10. Howdy. Had an old version of the app installed and just tried to install v18 on WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 10. I get an error after hitting the install button: CreateFile failed; code 2. The system cannot find the file specified. I have already updated Autokeys to 1.130.00.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

    1. My immediate guess would be that your antivirus program (wrongly) has quarantined one or more files. Please check the antivirus log.

  11. I’m just curious when we’ll see the next version that includes the NYC map (no pressure!). We’ve got five more days with it before it switches out, and I know how to edit the prefs.xml file the old fashioned way, but I do enjoy using your program!

      1. Great to hear! – one quick note – when you release it, you may want to update the screenshots featured at the top of this page, as it is now they don’t include Innsbruck. (note number two – I just fired up zwift-preferences to see the correct spelling of “Innsbruck,” and there was New York! Excellent speed, my friends!)

  12. For the login AHK script, I would like to be able to use the script to select among three different users who use the same set up. This could maybe be accomplished by adding a button for the different users into the GUI. I tried putting three different instances of the app with different INI file is in different folders, but I can’t get it to clear the previous user when I launch from a different instance.

    1. To make Zwift forget the user you can do the following:

      Launch Zwift from the start menu
      In the ‘Welcome!’ screen with the ‘Let’s go’ button press ‘Change user’
      Enter your password, remove the check mark from ‘Remember me’, and press ‘Log in’
      When the ‘Welcome!’ screen appears again, close it by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

  13. What a cool app! i’m new in Zwift and was wondering, is it posible to ride Alp du Zwift with this tool whitout getting to lever 12?

  14. Any ideas why zwiftpreferences doesn’t load anymore?

    Error message

    I turned off firewall and AV software to make sure they weren’t blocking something…still won’t “connect” or whatever it is trying to do.

    1. I need a bit of information from you: Which version of WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. are you using? Has it just updated (Windows Update)? Have you restarted the PC?

    2. I’ll have a test version ready for you to try later tonight. I don’t know exactly what has changed in WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 7 but I think I can work around the problem anyway.

        1. Sorry for the late reply, was riding oustide and not using zwift as much. Happy to report the test version works for me. Using windowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 7 btw. Thank you!

  15. WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 7 Home Premium

    I get this screen when I try to launch the programme after downloading and installing.
    Error: 0x80072F7D –
    Sourse: WinHttp.WinHttpRequest
    Description: An error occurred in the secure channel support
    Help File: (Null)
    Help Context 0
    Speficically: Wait For Response
    139: whr.WaitForResponse()
    Continue running the script

    Yes No

  16. Looking at the jpg Patrick has I have exact same issue ..I did try restarting the PC and clicking on YES to continue running the script but I saw nothing happening. I deleted Zwift Preferences and reinstalled three times but always ends the same way with the error msg I have posted – same as Patrick

    1. I’ll have a test version ready for you to try later tonight. I don’t know exactly what has changed in WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 7 but I think I can work around the problem anyway.

  17. Thank you I am looking forward to going on the Great London Flat that is 7.2 miles, exactly the same distance and same as the TT I have coming up September 7th 🙂

  18. Thank you for this Software.

    I have a question, in the software is the Trainer Effect is 50%. Is he in Zwift orginal 100%? I would like to have the basics about my training. Greeting Thorsten

    1. The default value in the game is 50%.

      There is no difference between the values you see in the game and in zwift-preferences because zwift-preferences read from and write to the prefs.xml file of the game.

  19. Cant disable startup music at all – by settings in game, by flag in prefs, by deleting 777200017.wem – nothing helps 🙁 Any suggestions?

    1. And I cannot get it to play at all on the computer I am currently at. Something has changed – the element in prefs.xml used to be TITLE_MUSIC but now the game writes its setting to TITLEMUSIC (without underscore).
      I’ll have to investigate a bit more later.

    1. That should not be zwift-preferences but could be a pop-up from the Zwift Launcher itself. I recommend that you disable pop-ups for all sites in Internet Explorer (which the Zwift Launcher uses internally). Let me know if this helps.

      1. Yes, I made the post in the wrong section, this was relating to zwift-login script. Anyway, thanks for the hint. It turned out that for some reason was excluded from the popup blocker in Internet Explorer on my computer (probably due to some old configuration I did). Removing this entry fixed the problem. 🙂

  20. Zwift-preferences under courses only shows Group Riders Nearby and Surprise Me. I don’t see any other routes listed under any of the worlds. Also, my Zwift status at the bottom always shows a black dot. I don’t have any problems changing the base world. Any ideas? I’m running WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 7.

    Thanks for this software and any help you can provide.

    1. I have a test program I would like you to run. Hopefully it can tell me what the problem is – it is something WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. 7 specific which doesn’t affect everybody.
      I’ll send you a link when I’m at a computer.

    2. Please also check the logs of your anti-virus/anti-malware program to see if it has blocked the download of the content files that zwift-preferences get from the server.

  21. Thanks for the test version. I will install it and let you know what’s going on. I will also check my anti virus logs to see if anything is being blocked.

  22. I checked and it doesn’t seem that anti virus or Malwarebytes is blocking anything. I ran the program that you uploaded and it only opened a window named test-download with an A, B, C, D and E sections. No changes seemed to be made to zwift-preferences. I still don’t see any routes and the status dot is still black.

  23. When downloading the installer package and installing, do I then need to update to the newest version?

  24. Menu button? First time using this and I love the clean view but the menu button is gone with the rest of the UI… I only have a wireless mouse so I guess I have to use a keyboard if I want to be able to get into my garage while in a ride? I must be missing something…

  25. Hi, thank you so much for this tool. It’s really helpful.
    Can someone just confirm if I can still get route achievements if I don’t use a world that’s on the calendar?
    Thinking of doing the PRL Full but it’s hard to get a day that’s suitable with the calendar.


  26. Hi
    I came across would it be possible to intergrate this in zwift preference

    Furthermore would it be possible to make a hardware choice. For instance I sometimes train with Garmin and I would like the setup to be so that Zwift is not controlling the trainer. So different Hardware profile setups.

    also the fps on/off option would be nice

  27. H, would it be possible to add an option in miscellaneous for max windowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft.. I dont want Zwift to be full screen but I like to use it in een maximized window. When in Zwift you choose for window i always have to maximize the window. It would be helpfull if this could be default setting in preferences.

  28. The instructions seem to be missing a step somewhere, or else Bitdefender may be screwing around with the process. I’m not seeing some of the screens described during installation. I end up with a communication error and a question to continue running script.

  29. Thought about updating to the latest version, but Avast told me it contained idp.helu.autoit10.

    1. I would consider that a false positive – the program is virus/malware free and has not been tampered with. The alert most likely come because the installation program isn’t digitally signed (which would cost too much money IMO) or because AutoHotkeyAutoHotkey AutoHotkey is a free, open-source custom scripting language for Microsoft Windows, initially aimed at providing easy keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys, fast macro-creation and software automation. is use.
      If unsure, don’t install zwift-preferences, or try to choose the installation option WITHOUT compilation to see if that lets you install without alerts.

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